Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Salt Lake City Marathon

This weekend was epic.  Ryan, Melissa and I ran the SLC Marathon, Ryan and I celebrated two years of marriage, my old roommate from Seattle came to visit, and I got my hair cut short short short! We are finally starting to focus all our efforts on moving out of country, and let me tell you, I enjoyed running the 23rd mile of the marathon more. Ryan and I both have 6 more days of work, and then it is off to Texas to see Ryan's parents for a week.  We cannot wait to get on the road and see our families!

Melissa always hamming it up for the camera! 

Melissa and I so close to the finish line...

 Ryan just feet away from the finish line!


My new hairdo! I've always wanted to try a really short cut, and I figured what the heck, I'm moving to Africa, I do what I want!