Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Ryan and I are now only two weeks away from leaving the USA and moving to Africa, and its a good thing, because this past month we have been like a tornado ruining everything we touch! I do not know if it is stress, or just piss poor luck, but we have been through a lost wallet, then losing the new credit card that was sent to us, then getting our car stuck in mud, digging up the yard we were stuck in, and unfortunately the truck we used to pull us out also got some slight damage.  AWESOME.  We need to leave now before we get fined/sued.  (Although I don't want to give anyone any ideas..)

Luckily, the wallet has been replaced, along with the credit card that was lost not only once but twice.  I now have a death grip on all wallets. 

The car drama happened when Ryan and I tried to go up to a long time friends cabin by a lake to take the dogs for a swim.  There is no real driveway, so I parked down in the yard where we usually park.  What I didn't know was that the grass was soaking wet, and we would slide all over the yard before we had to call a friend to come pull us out with her truck.  The car got pulled out successfully, and the damage done to the truck was, although unfortunate, minimal.  This is why two girls SHOULD NOT try to dig themselves out.  We are working as best we can to repair the yard, which was really wet and swampy, and would not let our poor little Jetta out of its watery death grip.  Of course, I had permission to be there, have told the owners about the damage, and we put grass seed down and in a few weeks it should be better - but still not a fun conversation to have.  It really was a horrible day, but everyone was so cool about everything and understanding, and I just hope everything grows back okay and they aren't cursing our name for the next two years - not that they would, because they are a really great and understanding family, who I have known now for 19 years. 

In other news, good things have happened to us as well.  We had a great time with Ryan's family down in Texas.  They have a beautiful house with a pool, and the 90 degree weather was welcoming after a cold winter in Utah.  We then drove from TX to PA, and we were able to see Memphis, Nashville and Cincinnati.  Memphis was my favorite, and it was also surreal to see the damage from the flooding.  We got to PA safely and it has been great to see all of my family.  Loni and Chris are home, and the rest of the family is coming up Memorial Day weekend for a nice send off party in our honor! It will be hard to say goodbye, but I definitely think we are ready to go.  In the meantime, Ryan and I are just going to lay low, and try not to get into anymore trouble...